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Hi there! My name is Mallorie Woodruff and welcome to the visual world of MalloLenz Productions! Lenzini is my middle name so being behind the camera “Lens” fits the mold for what I love to do in my career!

My passion for the arts is deeply embedded in me. I've been involved in many different facets of the entertainment business professionally since 2003. Starting in Denver, CO and then Los Angeles for 10 years, I've had a great career on camera and stage. I graduated from The Second City Theater, am proud to have received iMDB recognition, and am continuously grateful for those experiences.

But I wanted something more...I then chose to move towards a career in humanitarian services in the nonprofit sector. I was the Volunteer Coordinator for the American Red Cross and then worked in a career for people with disabilities. This inspired me to want to create documentary awareness films and this time be behind the camera. 

So I decided to go to film school for my Associate Degree as a Film Technician. While enrolled all of my passions clicked! I got hooked on not only film-making but post-production editing and sound engineering as well! It’s allowed me to blend all of my passions and I've been loving every minute of it.

Now locally back in Denver again, (yay!) and working with professional software, my style of editing is always geared towards make the client feel comfortable, creating the exact image and mood they want, bring ingenuity, and deliver the product in a timely manner.

So thanks for checking out the site, keep dreaming big and reach out to me for more details and any questions!



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